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Our Approach

The Healthy Brain Way

Everything that we think, say, feel, and do, and even more important, HOW we think, say, feel, and do, is related to the balance of the chemical/electrical reaction of neurotransmission.  Neurotransmission gets out of balance (dysregulated) for many reasons.  Some of those dysregulations are genetic, or as a result of life experiences.  Substance use and abuse cause many more imbalances, and are the primary source of the challenges faced in maintaining recovery.

Our Story

Training the Brain

EEG Neurofeedback, AKA Brain-training, helps to restore balance, reduce mental health symptoms, and increase recovery potential by teaching the brain itself to best manage it's own electrical system, automatically.  As the brain begins to learn to manage itself, mental health symptoms begin to melt away, Usually within the first 5-10 sessions.  Negative symptoms, including cravings, obsessions, compulsions, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD, continue to melt away until each client reaches a plateau, usually within 30-50 sessions.  Within that plateau, most clients report 80-85% symptom reduction.

Advanced, Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

The Healthy Brain Way is based on two lines of research that have evolved in the past 4-decades in Addiction Treatment and Addiction Recovery.  These brain-based sciences point directly to the facts that when the brain is balanced at the chemical/electrical levels, addiction recovery potential increases significantly.  We believe that the science on EEG Neurofeedback is the most significant evolvement in addiction treatment and recovery in the history of this field, and represents a significant tool in improving recovery outcomes.  Likewise, the science of neuro-nutrition clearly points out that our body/brains need essential nutrients that are extremely difficult to get in our daily diets.  Improving our psycho-physiology through neuro-nutrient supplementation also significantly increases recovery potential.  Combined, these sciences form the foundation for The Healthy Brain Way of Addiction Treatment and Addiction Recovery

Meet the Team

The Healthy Brain Resort was developed and is operated by Dr. Don Posson, and his wife Ariane Anderson Posson.


Dr. Don Posson

Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Dr. Don, with over two decades in the addiction recovery field has authored several articles, including one specific to addiction recovery.  He is the co-author of the upcoming book The Healthy Brain Way, which identifies the most scientific, evidence-based practices available for those with addictive disorders.


Ariane Anderson Posson

Co-Founder, CEO, Nutrition Coach

Ariane, in addition to being an experienced neurofeedback brain-trainer, is a certified nutritional consultant.  Her experience and understanding of the key nutritional requirements for good brain health are introduced as she co-authors the upcoming book The Healthy Brain Way

Your Journey to Recovery Begins Here

Contact us now to ask about availability.  Our small-group program is limited to 10-residents at-a-time, so that we can provide individualized, effective, and long-lasting recovery-support