The Healthy Brain Resort

Begin or continue your journey to better brain health at the Healthy Brain Resort, a private premier transitional community residence in The Healthy Brain Way of brain-recovery.  At the Healthy Brain Resort, we address the primary causes of underlying brain-dysregulation inherent in nearly all mental health disorders.

The Healthy Brain Resort is a premier recovery residence providing innovative drug and alcohol addiction recovery after a client has been detoxified and stabilized in early recovery.  Residents receive individualized care with a customized treatment and recovery regiment to address their specific needs.  Our primary focus is helping the brain to recovery from pre-existing or substance use related brain-dysregulation, the primary cause of recovery challenges and relapse.

The Healthy Brain Way is the result of decades of research on the neurological underpinnings of addiction recovery.  From the date of arrival at this beautiful retreat home, we work with each individual’s brain-phenotype, the brain’s electrical system, to rehabilitate the electrical dysregulation specific to each individual’s recovery needs.  Our combined Neurofeedback Brain-Training and Neuro-Nutritional brain rehab facilitates increased focus and attention, impulse control, relief of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  More importantly, it corrects the unhealthy brain-rhythms involved in relapse increasing recovery potential both short and long term by up to 400%.

The Healthy Brain Resort is the product of, and is hosted by Dr. Don Posson, and is the residential facility operated by Brain Health Warriors, a Nevada non-profit serving wounded warriors and first responders nationally.  Director Dr. Don began reconstruction of this historic home in 2012, and completed it in 2019.  This sprawling 7k sf residence is located in the middle of America’s largest national forest, the Toiyobe national forest.  Conveniently located 45 minutes from downtown Las Vegas.  This residence provides the serenity, clinical support, and community living critical to long-term recovery from PTSD, TBI, Addictions, and other brain-dysregulation issues

The Healthy Brain Resort provides:

  • A safe, nourishing, holistic environment specifically designed for those recovering from brain dys-regulation.
  • EEG Biofeedback (aka Neurofeedback) Brain-training
  • Neuro-nutritional support
  • Social and Life-skills development and support
  • Family support
  • Individual and group spiritual guidance

Availability:  Space is limited to 10 residents at a time.  Resident’s are welcome to spend 1-12 months at the Healthy Brain Retreat on their recovery journey.  Family visits are welcome, and we collaborate with The Retreat on Mt. Charleston for below-market rates for family stays during visits.

We are the only recovery residence that provides Neurofeedback Brain-training on a routine basis, and as an essential part of our recovery program.  Neurofeedback brain-training addresses underlying the brain-imbalances responsible for challenges in recovery and relapse prevention.

Although the Healthy Brain Retreat is a premier addiction recovery residence, you will find that it is much less expensive then traditional residential treatment, with better results in the long run.  A traditional residential treatment setting typically charges $20-50,000 per month.  The Healthy Brain Retreat’s residential rates are significantly less, providing the same services, in a smaller setting, with greater personal attention, focusing on each individual’s biological, psychological, social, and spiritual recovery.